“I gained a deeper understanding of parenthood and looking into why my parents are a certain way. It makes me realize why many including myself want to be “better” parents than our own”

“I have learned that there will be different relationships or friendships we will out grow.”

“I learned that the way we act and behave in relationships today isn’t all our faults. It has been passed down and developed from generation to generation.”

Big Mike The Messenger

Michael S. Williams II, an honorable United States Navy veteran, based in Orlando, Florida thrives as a Public speaker known as “Big Mike the Messenger”. He speaks and mentors with passion about health, life, education, and success. His mission is to cultivate order into the world spiritually, mentally, and physically by teaching others how to live “Heaven on Earth” in every area of life.  As a speaker, he has been able to serve concepts and principles as spiritual nourishment (love, hope and faith), mental nourishment (wisdom and knowledge), and physical nourishment (health and wellness workshops) as an instructor/consultant.  Recently Michael has added Nationally Certified Educational Consultant, Personal Development consulting, and Time Management Consulting into his tool box.

“Big Mike” enjoys serving love-based concepts and principles to colleges, churches, schools, non-profit organizations, community events, youth Summits, and Social groups.  He quotes “Love never fails, people fail to apply love”.  His philosophy is “TIME and the application of accurate knowledge can heal all diseases” in every area of your life. He recently became a heavily sought out figure to lecture on sexual awareness, aids/HIV awareness, and domestic violence in the college market. In addition, he continues to support teachers as he consults schools on Classroom Management.

Early years:  Born and raised from a broken home in the lower middle-class area on west side of Jacksonville, Florida, Michael grew up trapped in an emotional storm between two underdeveloped souls (parents), under conditions that lead to lost hope and depression. The pressure came from all directions school, peers, home, and neighborhood.  As anger and pain filled the void of love, it led Michael to drugs, fights, and degrading others.  Playing sports and having mentors provided an outlet that cultivated him into a better person. His past influenced his passion to serve our youth and education system.   

Sexual Awareness: Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the chain of pain and lost hope: The cost of Sex, Outgrowing the Struggle

In an effort to break cycles of pain and lost hope, Mr. Williams brings awareness to sexual responsibility and how it has been abused through the generations creating personal issues and underdeveloped parents amongst students; “Big Mike” lectures students using his personal experiences. He teaches on how sexual irresponsibility caused emotional trauma, a broken household, physical and emotional abuse, lost of hope, financial struggles with his family, and what it takes to break the cycle the generations before him could not outgrow. The solution to the breaking one of the cycles our youth face today will be presented in the lecture called “Sex is not just Sex”. His approach connects with the cause and effects of how his parents’ actions directly influenced his struggles in life. Michael connects the dots to empower students how to not sabotage their dreams by having talks with them on the purpose and responsibility that comes with sex. Click the youtube link below to see a quick clip of the message.

Michael S. Williams
Big Mike the Messenger
Public Speaker
Educational Consultant

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