Love Doesn’t


People Fail To


Big Mike The Messenger

Michael S. Williams II, an honorable United States Navy veteran, who thrives as a Public speaker known as “Big Mike the Messenger”, speaks with passion about health, life, and success, established his business Michael S. Williams on May, 1 2012. His mission is to cultivate order into world spiritually, mentally, and physically, by means to show others how to live “Heaven on Earth” in every area of life.  As a speaker, he has been able to serve concepts and principles as spiritual nourishment (love, hope and faith), mental nourishment (wisdom and knowledge), and physical nourishment (health and wellness workshops) as an instructor/consultant.  Recently Michael has added Nationally Certified Educational Consultant, Personal Development consulting, and Time Management Consulting into his tool box.

Biography:   Big Mike the Messenger ; born December 28, 1981, in Jacksonville, Florida; graduated Nathan Bradford Forrest in 2000; served honorably in the United States Navy (as an Aviation Electronics Technician, intermediate Level) 2000-2004; certified as a personal trainer 2005-2010; studied Electronic Engineering, Valencia College; founded The B-Berry Program Michael S. Williams (May 1, 2012-present) as a Public Speaker/Lifestyle Consultant; Nationally Certified Educational Consultant (July 2014-present); Time Management Consultant (August 2014-present); Personal Development consulting (August 2014-present).

“Big Mike” enjoys serving “love-based” concepts and principles to businesses, seminars, churches, schools, non-profit organizations, community events, youth Summits, and Social groups.  Michael has realized love never fails, people fail to apply love.  His philosophy is “the application of accurate knowledge can heal all diseases” in every area of your life. His goal is to serve love in all areas of life.

Early years: Born and raised from a broken home in the lower middle-class area on west side of Jacksonville, Florida, Michael grew up trapped in an emotional storm between two underdeveloped souls (parents), under conditions that lead to lost hope and depression. The pressure came from all directions school, peers, home, and neighborhood.  As anger filled the void of love, it leads to drugs, fights, and degrading others.  Playing sports and having mentors cultivated him into a better person and motivated him to feed hope, love and inspiration to the youth and adults today.